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We invite all people of all faiths to join us in prayer each day.  Patricia believes that all of us are God's children and need to be united as one when it comes to praying for all of those in the world who need our prayers." Please join us in prayers for those in need. 

How can I receive when I pray

There is an ancient legend about two angels who flew to earth to gather people's prayers.  Wherever people bowed in prayer by their bedside at night, in a chapel, or on the side of a mountain, the angels stopped and gathered the prayers into their baskets.  Before long the basket carried by one of the angels grew heavy with the weight of what he had collected, but that of the other remained almost empty.  Into the first were put prayers of petition, "please give me this and please I want that.  Into the other went the thank you prayers.

"Your basket seems very light," said one angel to the other.  "Yes," replied the one who carried the Thank you's. People are usually ready enough to pray for what they want, but very few remember to thank God when He grants their requests.

"A Reminder To Say Thank You!"

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