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Why do I need to sign in to Patricia's website?
For customers who have purchased from Patricia's Mall after Oct. 2005, your customer information may have been stored in our system thus saving you the trouble of entering your information again. If you are new to Patricia's Mall, by registering, you are storing your customer information for ease during checkout.
How do I pay for items in Patricia's Mall?

Payment is made by selecting credit card or mail.
If you are using a credit card feel secure in knowing that your information is secured on our encyrpted server. You know you are secure when you see a lock in the bottom of the window you are on. Once you have completed and acknowledged that you want the order, you will be redirected to PayPal for credit card verification. Don't forget to return to us from PayPal when done.
If you are paying by mail you need to send us a check in the mail. Once received, we will ship your order


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