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We invite all people of all faiths to join us in prayer each day. 
Patricia believes that all of us are God's children and need to be united as one when it comes to praying for all of those in the world who need our prayers."
Please join us in prayers for those in need.

How can I receive when I pray?

There is an ancient legend about two angels who flew to earth to gather people's prayers.  Wherever people bowed in prayer by their bedside at night, in a chapel, or on the side of a mountain, the angels stopped and gathered the prayers into their baskets.  Before long the basket carried by one of the angels grew heavy with the weight of what he had collected, but that of the other remained almost empty.  Into the first were put prayers of petition, "please give me this and please I want that.  Into the other went the thank you prayers.

"Your basket seems very light," said one angel to the other.  "Yes," replied the one who carried the Thank you's. People are usually ready enough to pray for what they want, but very few remember to thank God when He grants their requests.

"A Reminder To Say Thank You!"

Feb. 24, 2006
Cody needs prayers as he is a seven-year old who just days ago had trouble walking and has resorted to crawling at times. He cannot communicate due to developmental delay. A first x-ray showed a lesion on his leg and he is now trying to be scheduled for an MRI. Please pray that he gets the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment. Thank you.


Feb. 23, 2006
Pray That God takes over Steve's heart , mind and soul.His present and futur.
That gOD LEADS ME TO the perfect financial healing for everyone concerned.

Donna R.

Feb. 10, 2006
A Prayer for: Edith Parlato
I pray that my Mother is in a better place, and for God to have Mercy on her Soul, as she passed away Feb. 5th, 2006. Her and my dad were married for 68 years. Please pray for my father Fred Parlato Sr. I ask the heavenly Father to give him the strength to go on, and to help with our loss.
I ask this in Jesus name.

Feb. 10, 2006
Save a friend's job

I am grateful to God for many blessings in my own life and I pray for others who face greater troubles. A very dear friend is on the verge of losing employment through no fault of his own. He is outstanding professionally and personally. Please pray that decision-makers will recommend on his behalf. There are no other appeals left.


Feb. 9, 2006
I need a financial miracle from the LORD

Feb. 5, 2006
I have been trying desperately to be put on return assignment to Fort Bliss from my current duty assignment here in Korea so that I can be with my soul-mate and future spouse.

Feb 1, 2006
My sister Millie is gravely ill with first stage liver failure caused by a rare carcinoid cancer. Please pray for a miracle and her recovery.

Jan. 31, 2006
That I be blessed with the guidance,wisdom,and healing in a financial crisiS i'M IN RIGHT NOW.I'm at a wall.That the perfect solution comes into my life for a financial healing for all involved.That my faith grows with every seconds of my life.Thank you

Jan. 30, 2006
Prayer please protect her and deliver her from the evil masters choa co and their student for their wrong teachings...please bring her true master to deliver her and free the enslaved women of thier torment restore their souls and make them whole again...

Jan. 9, 2006
I pray that Lilli could open her heart and we could be happly in love again.

Please Pray for Steve. Steve has been with the same girl for about 5-6 years. She has absolutely no respect for him and is very abusive towards him at times. He has no self esteem, self love, etc. My prayer is that God takes over this relationship and that he also takes over Steve's mind, heart and soult. That Steve is filled with Love and Peace.

David Dighton

Miracle Update

Patricia Mischell started doing healings on David in September 2004.  After nine years David is now moving his arms and legs and started feeding himself.  He is on his way to being completely mobile and having the life that was taken from him.  

Urgent Prayer Request

David was admitted to the critical care unit of a Hospital in Florida for respiratory failure.  The doctors gave notice to the family to prepare for final arrangements.  Please take the time to lift your prayers to Heaven and ask for a complete healing for divine soul.

Thank you,

His loving family   

History:  David Dighton was injured in a diving accident in 1997.  The accident rendered him a quadriplegic. He lives in constant pain from a symptom called toning, (sever muscle contractions and spasms). Due to the condition his immune system is compromised and he is unable to fight infections causing him the lose of his bladder and nearly the loss of his life due to frequent systemic infections.  Since the accident David has lived in convalescent hospitals separated from his family.  David is a proud father of three small son's and desperately wants to be a part of their active little lives.

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