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This page contains information about how Patricia Mischell performs a Physic Reading


At the age of eleven, Patricia Mischell died on the operating table when she was having surgery.  She was dead for seven minutes.  During this time she visited God's world with her angel.  After this experience, Patricia received the ability to move freely into God's world and speak with those who have passed on.  This is all done through mental telepathy, communicating with the mind.  She is able to contact those you wish to speak to and bring back astounding information.  Patricia uses your date of birth and that of your loved ones to contact your soul's energy from your Akashic records.  It is from here she is able to read the life energy of the person  you are inquiring about.   The Akashic records is also known as the "Book of Life" that holds information regarding your past, present and future.

Readings are by appointment only.  Readings are scheduled weekdays between 1-7 p.m. EST.  Please allow for the time difference in your area.  All readings are tape recorded for your convenience, unless otherwise requested.  Tape Recordings are complimentary. 

Tape Recording is Your Responsibility
All readings are tape recorded for your convenience unless you request otherwise, so that you can remember everything Patricia said to you during your reading.  Patricia Mischell is not responsible for equipment failure.  For your reassurance, you may also want to record your session or take notes.  The cassette tape provided is complimentary.

Patricia Mischell Does a Combination of Readings for You

Reading Information

Spirit Communication
  • Communicating and obtaining information with a deceased person(s). 
  • A 45 minute session is required if you're desiring a Spirit Communication. 
  • More information on Spirit Communication   
  • Order your Spirit Communication/Mediumship reading by phone (513) 563-1744
Personal Reading

Ask questions you have always wanted to know the answers to such as:  Why am I afraid of the dark?  Why do I hate my mother?   "Is my husband my soul mate?, etc. Questions you have about your own life, relationships, friends, family, career, health, and finances.  Personal sessions involve your past, present and future.  Or, if you prefer.......the future only.

Past Life Reading

Questions can be asked about past lives of others and yourself. Have you had a previous connection with someone? What lessons do you have to learn, if any? How old is your soul? Will you come back again? Why did you return to Earth? What is your life's direction? Will you meet, or are you with your soul mate or twin flame?

Angel Reading

What is your angel's name?  Does your angel have messages for you?   Sometimes more than one angel will come through during this type of reading.  Angels inspire you.  They answer questions about your soul's growth and progress; will discuss your life path; and give words of wisdom and comfort when possible.

Combination Reading

A combination of two of the above reading types.  If SPIRIT COMMUNICATION is a part of this reading, a 45 minute session is needed. 

Missing Persons & Murder Cases

Ask for the missing person/murder case form letter and instruction sheet.

Animal Readings

Alive or deceased. Patricia communicates with your animals/pets or the spirit of the animal if deceased.  Missing or stolen animals are handled differently.  Please call the office for information.

Readings by Mail

Print out the Reading Preparation Sheet and mail or fax it to Patricia Mischell, 10999 Read Hartman Hwy, Suite 128A, Cincinnati, OH,  45242, along with a picture of yourself and/ or the person about whom you are asking.  (Pictures are optional)  Your Reading Preparation Sheet along with any pictures sent to Patricia Mischell will be mailed back to you after your reading. 

You may also electronically submit the mail in form by pushing the submit button at the bottom.  Be sure to fill in all the information that is requested in the Reading Preparation Sheet

Psychic Reading Prices

Contact Patricia Mischell's Office for Current Psychic Reading Prices (513)563-1744
  • The Longer your session, the less expensive it is per minute.
  • 15 minute sessions are only available by telephone or mail - not in person. You are responsible for calling Patricia at your appointed time.  Spirit communications are not given during this shorter session.
  • More information on Psychic Readings 
  • 30 minute sessions can be done in person (at Patricia's office), by telephone or by mail.  You are responsible for calling Patricia at your appointed time.  An updated spirit communication is permitted during this time, if Patricia has previously made contact with that spirit.
  • 45 minutes sessions can be done in person (at Patricia's office) or by telephone - not by mail.  If your session is by telephone, Patricia will call you at your appointed time. Long distance phone charges are included.  Additional surcharge for phone calls outside the USA or Canada.  Spirit communications can be done in this session.
  • 60, 75 and 90 minute sessions also available
  • Questions by Mail  - (or see above time and cost for 15 or 30 minutes sessions) Call, Fax or e-mail the office for details.

Reading Preparation Forms

If you have scheduled a reading with Patricia Mischell or plan to, you may print out a Reading Preparation Sheet and instructions.

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